Curve aims to simplify the financial life of its users by making all your cards accessible via the mobile app and available to use via the physical Curve card or via Apple, Google and Samsung Pay.

The app is feature-packed with instant notifications for every time you use the card. It also gives users powerful insights related to their spending habits, send money to other Curve users, Go Back In Time and much more.

Curve launched its BETA back in 2016 with two tiers, Curve Blue and Curve Back the latter costing a one-off £50 which offered double cashback in Curve Rewards. Since then, Curve has moved to a subscription model at the start of 2019 and offers 3 tier options.

How does Curve Work?

Curve works by allowing you to connect all your MasterCard and Visa Cards into one single card. This allows you to have any of your cards available for use at any time, so you can reduce the number of cards you carry with you and opt for a lighter and smaller wallet.

Go Back In Time

Curve has a number of features to make your life easier. Starting off with ‘Go Back In Time' this is an amazing feature for those of us who forget to change the underlying payment card when using Curve to make a payment or need to change the payment card for various reasons. This essentially allows us to change a payment card we used for a specific transaction. For example, we can shift our AWS payments from our personal credit card to a business card even from debit cards to credit cards.

There are some limitations to this feature, Go Back In time can only be used within 14 days of the payment first taking place and not exceeding the amount of £1,000 per transaction.

UPDATE 2020: Curve have temporarily upped the Go Back In Time limits to within 90 days and up to £5,000

Curve Fronted

Is an innovative feature that allows you to pay a UK tax bill or a credit card bill with a credit card. To use this feature, there is a 1.5% fee for Curve Blue and Curve Black users and it's free for Curve Metal.

Can I use Curve abroad?

Curve is a great travel companion, it's the primary reason I signed up to the platform during its Beta. Curve allows you to use any of your registered cards abroad, it will handle the FX conversions with competitive rates so you don't have to worry about those nasty transaction fees and poor exchange rates given by your bank.

Are there any spending limits?

in short, there are limits set by Curve to ensure the platform is being used responsibly.

When you join Curve, your standard Curve spending limits are:

  • £2,000 spend per day
  • £5,000 spend per month (rolling 30 days)
  • £200 cash withdrawal per day
  • £10,000 yearly (rolling 365 days)

These are the limits when you join the platform, but this isn't set in stone. As you build up your activity and usage, these limits can be increased by sending them a message.

Is it safe?

Curve is authorised to by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. Your personal data will be safe, and Curve does not share your bank details to the merchant. if you lose your card, you can instantly disable the use of the card by freezing it within the app and request a replacement.

Am I protected under section 75?


You do not benefit from the same protection as a credit card. Curve acts like a middle man similar to when you use PayPal or Amazon, 3rd party purchases.

However, they have recently added Curve Customer Protection.


I've been using Curve since 2016 and it's been part of my everyday life with making payments for small things like the usual coffee to work, meals at restaurants and all payments when abroad. I use Curve for everything except for anything I know I want section 75 protection like booking flights and other large purchases.

Curve provides a ton of features to help you with managing your money better, with powerful insights detailing where your money is being spent between cards. Helping you remember those business purchases, but also useful ones like go back in time.

I'd highly recommend giving Curve a go. it will change your life use Code CBK70 when you sign up and get a £5.