First attempt at time-lapse on my Sony RX100V

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The other day I noticed that my RX100V was just sitting on the desk not being used. it’s a rather an expensive point and shoot camera that I don’t want to end up neglecting it. Anyway, after I got a few things sorted this morning I ended up going through the menu settings looking at the features. Turns out that this £1000 point and shoot doesn’t have a built-in time-lapse feature. It’s a freaking addon through the Sony app store, are you serious? A £1000 camera doesn’t have a time-lapse feature built-in that’s proper cheeky of Sony if I’m honest. So I dropped an additional £7.99 for this app, it wasn’t an easy process trying to get the app to download and onto the camera. The camera had trouble connecting to the computer, ended up connecting to the wifi network. at this point, I wished it had a touchscreen entering the login details didn’t go well, it did take a while. Once it was downloaded I set off to the beach.

When I arrived at Eastbourne beach well, it wasn’t raining just a bit windy.  It didn’t go as I hoped. I was livid when the camera fell off the tripod and hit the rocks on the beech. luckily there seems to be no damage just some scratches and a chip on the body.

These are the results of my first time-lapse ever with the RX100V below.  it has been colour graded a bit also a first.


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