7 Top Travel Tips for 2021

A huge part of the year 2020 has been rocked by the covid-19 pandemic and has affected many things, including travelling. Not only did it affect our various plans to travel out of the country, but a huge part of our life goals. 2021 has brought everyone a fresh air breath as there has been…

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My 2021 SAAS Toolkit

The year 2020 hasn't been what we had expected. A lot of lifestyle changes we had to adapt due to the pandemic (CCP Virus). Cities and entire nations went into lockdown disrupting our way of life. Some people lost their jobs while others have prospered due to these unforeseen circumstances. As we have all started…

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Caymanas Park With Dad

This morning dad decided to go fishing in the middle of nowhere it took us a while to get there. To be honest it did have a nice view although the terrain was basically sharp rocks. It was a good laugh. By 8:30am he decided to head to a racecourse called Caymanas Park somewhere near…

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